blogger envy

OK, so I am attempting to write this as I try to prepare dinner (inspired by in the garden… somewhere) and get afternoon tea ready for when the hungry children (and husband) awake.

As I have started setting up my blog page (I’ve changed it to white as I realise it is very hard on the eyes reading white text on a black page), I’ve been looking through other people’s blogs to see just what is out there. It’s a whole other world out there that I’ve been missing out on!

At first I started to feel very insecure. I am no great nutritionist, a failed vegan (and pretty lousy vegetarian for that matter), not very crafty, a terrible gardener, an abysmal housekeeper and I probably don’t spend enough time ‘educating’ my children. But then I realised that for many people, a blog is just an outlet. Somewhere to get off what is on your chest. Whether it is important or not doesn’t really matter. It is whatever consumes you.

Right now what consumes me is my children and my obsession with facebook – which may now change to an obsession with this blog. After having my first child I found myself at home with a small baby and not knowing what to do with myself. I felt so isolated and found that through fb I could be in ‘contact’ with other people like never before. I looked forward to going back to work when my daughter was 9 months old (which I had no choice in anyway due to financial constraints) and I am feeling the same way about my impeding return to work in a mere 6 weeks time!

As you can see, my children are growing up in front of the computer:

So I don’t really know how all this blogging will make me feel. Will it make me feel even more guilty than I already do? Or will I grow more comfortable with myself and accept who I am as a person and a parent? Only time will tell.

Dinner is now ready, so off I go to serve it up. Thanks Christy – it looks delicious:


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