the beginning

I was trying to think of why I would start a blog. I don’t have any interests that I am particularly dedicated to like knitting or cooking, so I was a little bit worried. I feel like my life has taken a massive detour the past 3 years and all that I think about is having children and parenting.

I started a blog a while ago but it never really got off the ground. It was all about the experience of being a mother. Here is an extract of my second and final entry:

not so terrible
Sunday, 19 July 2009

Many people speak about the ‘terrible twos’ and even though Scarlett isn’t quite 2 yet, I tend to think she will not be all that terrible. Of course there are times when she tries our patience and would love to get her own way with everything – she is a Leo after all – but on the whole, her little personality brings such joy to all those who are part of her life.

Since her first birthday Scarlett has gone from being a baby to a little girl. Once she was walking, she found a new independence that suits her to a tea. Sometimes that means getting into mischief – pulling every book or CD off the shelf, jumping on the bed, drawing on the walls (yes I know it’s payback) or finding the ‘cream’ in the bathroom.

I do hope that that arrival of her baby brother doesn’t have a negative impact on her as she is such a wondrous little creature. I’m sure she will cope well with the adjustment just as she has with all the other challenges she has faced in her life so far…

It’s funny how so much can change in 8 months. Not so terrible turned into not quite as terrible as some but she still is a fascinating little thing. Thankfully she took the arrival of little Xavier in her stride and she amuses him more than I will ever be able to.

So as you can see, I am still all consumed with parenting (no more children to be had) but I don’t think it’s all bad…


One thought on “the beginning

  1. Welcome back to blogland! You'd be surprised how many people are just interested in what you have to say. Maybe we should consider motherhood as the destination, not the detour (or at least one of the best spots along the route?) xxx

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